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Our suppliers

The choice of our suppliers is important to us. It is no coincidence that we use all of them. We have chosen each of them for specific reasons and their respective strengths



Company was originally a Quebec company that has established itself firmly in the Canadian market. Its 5 warehouses are strategically located in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Moncton and its head office in Montreal. Our rep is even a guy from here.

Although owned by an American wholesaler since 2020, Technosport has been present on the local market since the 1970s. The team is made up of passionate Canadian professionals, who care about you as much as you do. Our representative is also a local guy who has more than 25 years of experience in the field.

Technosport allows us to offer you competitive prices in proven quality brands such as Bellas + Canvas, American Apparel, Gildan, Anvil and many more.

HS Apparel

HS Apparel is a Quebec company that specializes inpremium hoodies and t-shirts. The cuts, designed in Quebec, are attractive and fitted while remaining comfortable. He has more than 10 years of experience in the manufacture and import of garments and has established and reliable overseas business partners in the garment industry, respecting human rights and complying with applicable environmental standards. HS Apparel advocates a different approach which is very much in line with our values. It is located in Quebec. Once again, our rep is a local girl and a really cool friend!

Allmade (Sanmar USA)

Allmade was created by ordinary people, for ordinary people, just like you and us. The ten founders of Allmade are united by a common thread which is to create a better sweater. As simple screen printers, they started out with the desire to create a beautiful t-shirt to print, but also to feel good in. When we started in 2017 we weren't experts and knew nothing about clothing manufacturing and its impact, but through exploration and education we learned about the impact we can make. have on humans and the planet by doing it differently. Will you choose to learn more about your impact and how you can make a difference??

Allmade's story began in 2017 when no one on the teamknew nothing about clothing making or its impact, but through exploration and education, they measured the impact all of us could have on humans and the planet by doing it differently. they havetraveled together to Haiti and saw first-hand the economic and environmental challenges faced by garment workers. They realized what a positive impact they could have by creating decent and fair jobs that allow workers in Haiti to take care of themselves and their families. They came back fully determined to break the cycle of poverty and child abandonment in Haiti, while reducing the impact of our industry on the environment. The cotton used is organic and their polyester is made from recycled plastic such as water bottles. That's roughly the equivalent of 6 bottles of water used and a saving of 145 gallons of water and 4kg less CO2 that is achieved in the manufacture of each sweater. We have chosen them for these human, ecological and sustainable development values.

Ryonet (Green Galaxy Companies)

Ryonet was designed by Ryan Moor in 2004 from who wanted to make sweaters for his punk band in order to have more money for touring. He is a leader and innovator in the screen printing industry made up of a team of screen printers who know what they are talking about..

Since selling their very first press, they have worked to bridge the learning-to-do divide, believing that hard work and passion can take you anywhere if you have the right tools. The well-being and success of each client is at the heart of their activities.

They consider themselves privileged to have some of the biggest dreamers as clients and nothing inspires them more than seeing new beginners (like us) go from YouTube tutorials to owning their own successful screen printing workshops. Being there to help us along the way is their highest calling. They were one of our first contacts when purchasing our equipment and we received outstanding service as we aspire to give to you as customers.


Ely Lemieux Agency

Ely is a local girl that we have seen growing up since high school. Over the years, she has become a close friend. She has distinguished herself in the field of social media and in its management. She works with small businesses like us who are trying to figure out how to navigate this big world of the internet. His enthusiasm and good humor is contagious. She is not afraid of challenges just like us! We chose him for his expertise and to encourage someone from the area and practically family.



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