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Who are we?

In 2020, the founders of Colonel Bobtail embarked on a large-scale project. Result: amix between Marc's passion for tattoos and graphics, and Claudine's for ready-to-wear art and fashion.

Colonel Bobtail is self-expression and authenticity, values that the founders hold dear. It is also the desire to have fun and promote the art of here. What could be better than wearing a work of art on your sweater 

Colonel Bobtail specializes in design, screen printing and embroidery while encouraging fair and sustainable companies in order to offer you unique clothing.

« Clothes made for real bodies in a real world.»


The team


Marc St-Denis

First, let us introduce you to Marc St-Denis, tattoo artist and co-founder of Colonel Bobtail. He is also one of our star artists in the conception of our designs.

Claudine Flament

Co-founder and director of the company, Claudine is passionate about motorcycles, travel and goodfood. In the midst of the pandemic, she embarked on the art of screen printing. A travel agent for several years, she now devotes all of her time to the business.

Alexanne Robert-St-Denis

Alexanne Robert-St-Denis is one of our project assistants and a workshop elf. She is particularly interested in art, writing and music and also works as a tattoo artist. As a workshop pixie, Alexanne prints your favorite clothes, among other things!

Gabrielle Blair

New to the Colonel Bobtail team, Gabrielle, like Alexanne, is a project assistant and workshop sprite. She is currently studying Visual Arts at the Collège de Valleyfield and works part-time in the studio.

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