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CB Workshop

This is where our collaborative collections come to life, thanks to you!

As a proud Quebec company, we specialize as much in graphics and illustration as in screen printing and embroidery.

At Atelier CB, we support you from the start to the end of your project. Are you looking for a company that will make your dreams come true? From making a first sketch to printing your sweaters, we're here to guide you through the creation process (if you need to, of course!).

At Atelier CB, we strive to create your design with an artistic touch. Each collaboration is personalized and in the image of your company. Do not hesitate to contact us to talk about your project!

Chez Cheval

For the creation of the Chez Cheval designs, our artist Marc St-Denis was inspired by the restaurant's tunes.


Boutin Harley-Davidson, a family affair! For this collaboration, we had the spirit of the store and the motorcycle in mind.


During the holiday season, nothing better than to go get a new pair of skis! That’s why we created designs featuring the company.

Luky's BBQ

Without doubt the best BBQ in town!

Sugarhill gang

The spirit of the sugar shacks.

Benjamin's world

« Benjamin's World was created to raise awareness of the cause of autism as well as of difference in general. Entertaining by raising awareness has been our mandate since its creation in March 2017. Benjamin's world transmits values such as sharing, acceptance, family, perseverance, self-confidence, positivism and pleasure.»

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